Don’t boil the ocean

Boil The OceanIts such an exciting time to be a small business! We can do big things, on a budget that would have been laughable not that long ago.

If you aren’t already reading Seth Godin’s blog, well, you should be, you’ll find lots of inspiring ideas about marketing your small business. Seth’s writing is masterful and concise. His most recent post One, a few, most or all provides a brilliant framework to look at a small business marketing strategy.

When I read Seth’s post, it made me think of the saying “Don’t Boil The Ocean”. Its a bit of a cliche, but so often marketing efforts can get lost by attempting to do too much. Thinking about your market in terms of one-few-most-all helps you get clear what you are after.

As a small business, what would happen if you focussed your efforts on the ONE or the FEW customers?

ONE: You’re a needle, the market is a haystack … A FEW: Being exceptional matters most. Stand out, don’t fit in. Shun the non-believers.

Lets leave it to the bigger (richer) companies to focus on the ideas that need the ‘most’ and ‘all’ markets. They can try and boil the ocean. We don’t need to. A small business focussed on the one or the few is in a powerful position.