Dream .. plan .. act .. celebrate


Don’t you love it when you encounter a new idea that is *so* good that it stays with you for years! Some years ago Adrian Glamorgan ran a workshop for me on project planning, and outlined a model that is just brilliant for looking at your business:

Dream – Plan – Act – Celebrate

Have a think about your own business, and consider how effective you are being in each of these four areas.

Dream. What are your dreams and goals? How are you going to go about achieving them (your strategies)? Have you written them down? Have you revisited them recently? Getting this dimension activated helps make sure when you are succeeding, you are succeeding at the right things.

Plan. Now that you have clear strategies, have you planned how are you going to implement them? And do you have this plan written down? Breaking down your goals into a plan with simple, achievable steps is a great way to make them happen. Setting deadlines and milestones means you can track your progress. And planning doesn’t have to be long winded – a good plan is simple and clear.

Act. When you act on your goals through a well defined plan, you are helping your business be effective. You must act to achieve success … plans and goals on their own aren’t enough.

Celebrate. Taking time out to recognise achievements and celebrate success is hard to do when you are the thick of it all. But without it, we miss out on a lot of the fun. Celebrating success means taking time to notice it first.

The model is all about balance across the four dimensions. Its not enough to dream up a grand strategy if you never plan and do it. Its not enough to dream an idea and then ‘just do it’, without taking time out to plan. And why work and succeed if you aren’t going to celebrate your successes?

Your strengths are the easy area, but its not enough to be the world’s best planner … if you don’t have a good strategy. Its no good working hard and doing a lot … if you haven’t got a plan. And if all you plan on doing is celebrating without taking time to put in the effort, you may not have a lot to celebrate.

Use this model to look at the balance of your overall business. Are you active in each of these four areas? If not, why not pay attention to the area you are neglecting most.

Dream .. plan … act .. celebrate.