How the Internet lets you jump ship

Plunge into the blueStarting up a new business often means compromising for a while in order the fund the start-up phase.

You, as business owner, may need to keep up your day job until it’s safe to jump ship.

So now your small business is going well, maybe even turning over a small profit – and perhaps reaching the stage where you need to grow. And yet you’re still living with one foot in the corporate world and the other in your dream enterprise.

What’s stopping you from jumping?

At the risk of sounding sexist, if you’re male, you’re most likely suffering from a fear of failure. If you’re female, you’re probably more afraid of success. (There’s another blog post in this – watch this space!)

At a more pragmatic level, ask yourself if you’re optimising use of the Internet to leverage your distribution, sales, marketing and overall efficiency.

9 new ideas that may sway on-the-fence entrepreneurs is an inspirational article that discusses the ease with which an Internet-based business can run and succeed without huge risk to the owner.

There’s lots of food for thought here – especially for hesitant entrepreneurs who are too busy to read it.