Starting a consulting business online

Did you know that business consulting is one of those industry segments that perform well during recessions?

If you are already a business consultant, congratulations!

But if you aren’t, have you considered starting a consulting business online?

What kind of consulting business could you run?

How about tapping into people’s desire to do things faster and easier?

What do you know that can help others do things faster and easier? The business world is changing so quickly that many businesses haven’t caught up. Sometimes they know what they should be doing, but just haven’t had the time or inclination to do it. Often they will jump at an opportunity to do things faster and easier than they currently do.

Here a few examples that might inspire you:

  • The Virtual Assistant industry is rapdily coming of age.
  • New productivity tools are launched almost daily for early adopting Lifehackers and others, tools that gradually filter their way through to the fast followers and the late bloomers.

Starting up

Starting an online business is easier than you might think. And couple that with the fact that you can start a business that services a global market (well, wherever speak your language anyway), and you have every reason to sit down and think this one through.

People consult successfully online in different ways.

Online Freelance Markets: Some consultants operate in global marketplaces such as and Here are the categories consultants offers services in under Business Consulting in

  • Business Planning, Business Development, E-Business Management, Market Research/Planning, IT Project Management, Project Management, International Outsourcing, International Commerce, Operations Planning/Management, Controller/Administration, Human Resource Management, Investor Relations Management, Training.

Expert Blogger: Some people publish a blog and share their expertise freely. As they build an audience they can advertise (either through Google or by promoting affilate products to earn commission on sales).

Lead Generation Blog: By sharing your expertise through a blog, you can attract leads for your one on one consulting services. Just include a suitable description of what you do in your About page and make sure you have a contact form.

Online Mentor: You can establish one on one consulting relationships such as a mentoring relationship with clients online. PayPal subscriptions allow you to quickly and easily setup a recurring payment (weekly, monthly or annually) to support your ongoing service. And communications tools such as Skype allow you to have international voice calls, video conference calls and instant messages (text) for free.

There are many more ways to consult online. Do some keyword research to find out what people are looking for in your area of expertise, and use that to guide you.

A recession might be just the time to start!