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Talk to the Oracle and find Inspiration in Keywords

If you are considering new business opportunities online, have you talked to the Oracle lately?

If you have seen The Matrix, you might remember the Oracle saying:

“Do you know what that means? It means know thy self”

It is a bit like that with keywords. Use keywords to learn all about your business online.

Lets say you are thinking of going into business, and you are passionate about cooking.

Go to the Wordtracker Free Keyword Suggestion Tool.

First of all, type in cooking and then click the Hit Me button.

Based on what people have been searching for in the past 90 days, Wordtracker will show you the predicted searches for the next 24 hours that involve cooking.

Now type in recipes and do the same thing.

Notice the interest people have in recipes compared to cooking.

Rather than guessing what people want, use a keyword research tool to tell you. Do that research for a business opportunity you are considering. You will be inspired.