The Long Tail of Marketing

David Meerman Scott, one of my all time favourite bloggers, has recently posted about his experiences with Apollo moon mission. Its a great post – have a read of it over at The Long Tail of Marketing and Apollo Moon Mission Artifacts

Banner Image for Farthest Reaches Space Artifacts siteDavid provides a great example of how the Long Tail creates opportunities for small business. The small business involved? A Space artifact dealer. For Farthest Reaches, all they need to invest to start a global business? A website, and content that connects them up to their community of interest. A blog is a great way to do this, however as you can see in this case, it isn’t necessary.

The key point from David’s post for small business owners is this:

“The space artifact dealers, for example Farthest Reaches, couldn’t have done business prior to the Web. The owner, Steve Hankow, could never find his market and we space collectors couldn’t find him. Now it is simple to market to people like me.”

When you reflect on what Farthest Reaches might mean for you, consider two different perspectives:

  • Existing businesses may have existing niche products or services that can be marketed online, and/or sold online. Online marketing is possibly the first step, online selling can follow.
  • Or maybe you can see the opportunity to find a new niche you can sell to.

The space artifacts segment is hotting up – time to stake your claim to the next big (small) segment 🙂