The New Rules of Marketing and PR

New Rules of Marketing and PRBuilding your business through the power of positive publicity is a big theme for us over at PublicityShip, our main online venture. David Meerman Scott has now published The New Rules of Marketing and PR. If you are interested in how to publicise and market your business online, then you must read it. The idea that new rules apply is an important one, its not just hyperbole. The ‘old’ marketing industry is going to get a massive wake up call over the next few years, and if you read this book you’ll not only understand why it is happening, you’ll have ideas on how to take advantage of the new rules.

The new rules represent an incredible opportunity for small business, much more so than big business.

To get an idea of David’s early thoughts on how public relations has changed, you can read The New Rules of PR, a free ebook that David published last year. A great read in its own right, it will get you to ‘Think Like a Publisher’.

David publishes a great blog, and has generously acknowledged the people who had something to say about his new book while he wrote it. That includes me, and thanks to David’s generosity and the democracy that is the Internet, I crack a mention on the same page as Seth Godin and Guy Kawasaki. Hmm, I wish my readership bore some relation to theirs. Well David, I appreciate the link out, as I’m sure everyone who is included does. The New Rules of PR was extremely successful in getting attention from bloggers all around the world, and I think the launch of this book will be even more so.

Our posting frequency has dropped in recent weeks, as we are gearing up for the launch of two new ventures. The first is an online marketing service for small tourism operators, that makes it easy for them to get up and running with content marketing, search marketing and email marketing. The second is an online platform for change management, a tool to enable personal and conversational communications during a major change process. Not really for small business, so you won’t read about it much here.

As you can see, the interest in small business inspiration isn’t just theoretical, I get inspired by new opportunities for online business all the time. If you are running a business on the Internet, attention management is one of the most important skills you can have 🙂