Third time lucky

CloverIt’s well known in psychology circles that you need to say something three times for the other person to get it.

So when you’re marketing your wares, telling someone once isn’t going to be enough. Telling them twice might not be enough either (although it can work). But tell them three times and you have a pretty good chance.

This doesn’t mean saying exactly the same things three times in a row. You need to communicate your message three times in a different way each time.

So the first contact with a prospect might be during a presentation you’re giving on “How to …”

The second time would be a follow-up email to your presentation participants offering a special deal on your services.

The third time could be any number of things – another special offer, or a news story about you which you can copy and distribute to your list, or a competition for your prospects to enter and win, or a newsletter with a discount for referrals.

We saw this in action recently when we received an enquiry from a potential client who had first experienced our workshop for small business – then received our special offer – and finally seen information on our new Awards for tourism operators.
However you decide to do it – saying something three times in different ways to the same person will bring results. Twice might do it but three times increases your chances exponentially.

The message is, don’t give up.