Time to blog!

ClockWhile surfing my Google Alerts and newsreader, looking for new small business content, I came across two useful new business blogs: Small Business Blogging Scout by self-made blogging ‘infopreneur’ Hendry Lee, and The Zone Read, which I like as much for the design as the content.

They both blog pragmatically about business blogging, and include posts on the challenge of finding time to blog – which is probably what attracted me to them, having realised my last post for Small Business Inspiration was 12 days ago.

This isn’t for lack of inspiration, but lack of time. Yet how many other things do I manage to fit into my day, combining our small business with studying and bringing up children? It’s not as if I’m not used to juggling lots of small tasks.

I suspect one of the reasons many small business operators place blogging low on their priority list is because we still view this form of communication as a hobby rather than a business strategy – a personal indulgence instead of a marketing tool.

But scanning the web over the past few days has revealed several examples of the continuing exponential rise in awareness of the benefits blogging for small businesses – not just here in Australia, but most notably in India and the US.

No small business serious about growth can afford to place blogging at the bottom of its ‘to do’ list any longer, much less ignore it altogether.

Hendry Lee’s blog includes a list of Business Blogging Myths that are a useful reference for those who are still in doubt about the blogging commitment. And his post, What to Blog on Slow Days, is handy to keep nearby when blog-fade hits.

So get out your diary, find a half-hour slot and write down ‘Time to Blog’!