Two essential qualities for every entrepreneur

Frog“It must have taken a brave person to discover that frogs’ legs are edible.”

I came across this recently and thought – yeh and what about snails, and witchetty grubs? Bravery probably wouldn’t be enough. You’d need to be pretty hungry too.

In fact when you think about it, any new business enterprise takes these two qualities – bravery and hunger. Without these, success may well remain just out of reach.

You don’t literally need to be hungry (although you may be at first!), but you need a hunger for something, whether it be seeing your ideas come to fruition, fulfilling a need, reaching your potential, or success itself – whatever that means to you.

And bravery will see you through the doubts, the dips in confidence, criticism from the unenlightened – all those (and there will be those) who say ‘it can’t be done’.

Of course there are other qualities you need – but these two apply to every entrepreneur in every walk of life. And you need them right from the start. Others can be learned or acquired – persistence, pragmatism, confidence. And you can bring other skill sets into your enterprise as you grow.

But bravery and hunger must be yours from the word go.

Without them, frogs’ legs would still be attached to frogs, we’d still be communicating by snail mail, and no one would have heard of iTunes or, or dreamed of flying into space or diving to the oceanbed.

Are you hungry? brave?

Thank you – the world would be a dreary place without you!