What is so special about small business blogs?

Small businesses have special reasons to consider blogging. A business blog is a special tool for small business in particular – is it relevant for yours?

Something very significant happened with the Internet.  Businesses can only sell to customers in their addressable market.  Usually, this is a geographic distance from your outlet, and expansion means branch offices, distribution centres, franchises – whatever it takes to get your product or service in front of your customer.  Trouble is, our customers aren’t necessarily evenly spread (so surf stores are in range of a beach, in other words, near where their customers are).  The range of products and services that could be profitably carried depended on having enough customers within your addressable market. You don’t see surf stores in Alice Springs, and you don’t see book stores that sell just Noddy books.

The Internet really changed things for small business. A lot of the change is to do with the size of market that can now be addressed.  Small business has the opportunity to choose its audience – the more specific, niche and high value the better.

Interest in blogging is rapidly growing, and in all the rush its possible people aren’t tuning into the extraordinary opportunity that business blogging represents for many small businesses. Why is it an opportunity?  Well, Business Week describe why  it in Blogs Will Change Your Business.

You have an amazing advantage. Seth Godin makes the case that small is the new big so well that I suggest you read it right now.

A blog is a way to establish a conversation with your audience. Five years ago, even though the Internet let you establish a ‘global’ presence, acquiring a customer base was tough. Blogging has changed the game – cost is no longer the barrier to entry, content is.

So, you need to find out about business blogging. If you have a small business with a product or service that is of interest to a market outside your own geographic area (and you can see a way to sell your product / service to them), then you will be amazed at what you find.