Why your business needs a blog

TypingOnce the preserve of computer geeks in shadowy back bedrooms, blogs are now out in the light of day – and to prove it, blogging has just gone totally mainstream with the Australian Idol website pushing its own blog platform.Small businesses should take note. There are many reasons to be blogging regularly – not just to be seen out there in the blogosphere, but because there are many strategies for increasing traffic, and therefore sales, by intelligent business blogging.

For starters, take a look at Why Does Your Business Need a Blog?

The general objective of a business blog is to encourage your target audience to subscribe to your blog once they have discovered it. Then, as long as you are posting regularly, they will receive regular news of your business in their newsreader, keeping you top of mind, prompting repeat business and referrals, and increasing traffic to your site.

And if you’ve spotted the weak link in this process – ‘once they have discovered it’ – there are strategies to get past that too.

True, blogging gives you a better chance of being found via search engines. But a cleverer way to get noticed is to deliberately and continually link to high-ranking sites that are blogging in the same subject areas.

Those bloggers will eventually take notice of the newbie who keeps linking to them – and are likely to go to your blog and start linking to you – provided you have consistently high quality content in your blog of course. This shouldn’t be hard if you are blogging about the thing you know best – your business specialism.

Once the big guys link to you – hey presto! Your target audience begins to see links to your content appearing in the high-ranking blogs they already subscribe to.

For some quick tips on how to blog, have a look at The Corporate Blogging Book Release and for a longer bedtime read, The Beginner’s Guide to Business Blogging can be downloaded as a pdf.